What is this blog post about? Love, Marriage, education, fashion and film!

The phrase “ALWAYS DATE ONE ANOTHER” has played an amazing role in Andy and I’s marriage. If your new here, Andy is my husband, business partner and ride or die in life and I am Trish. Together we make up the team at BeatBox Portraits, aka wedding photographers serving the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas. Soooo…..back to this phrase above. We go on a date every Wednesday. It’s a weekly reminder to value, appreciate and to continue to connect with one another  after the wedding .



Liz, Erik and myself setoff to do a couple of fun things for this session:

-I wanted to document what love looks like after marriage. What does that mean? As we grow in our marriages, new life events happen. You might move in together, you might buy a home, get a family animal, create new goals together. You just grow closer in new ways. I believe that you should document the journey of these new stages in life yearly and Let’s be honest they are so cute I just had to have them in my portfolio!

-We wanted it to be educational (by showing the importance of professional makeup and hair, to show some an example of a semi causal outfit that would  look great for spring engagements.

-I wanted to try out some new film techniques and film stocks and get that creative fix my heart constantly craves.

-huge hug and high five to this amazing wedding planner and her husband for coming along for a fun afternoon of creative growth, celebrating marriage in all the stages and of course bubbles!


Want to learn more about Liz and her wedding planning company, stop by her website below  🙂


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